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Senseo Machine

Douwe Egberts SENSEO® Taste Navigation

Velvety, mellow taste with smooth, subtle tones.

Strong, intense taste with a powerful finish.

Even, rounded taste with a balanced character.

Complex aroma with a variety of individual notes.

Complex taste with a rich, varied bouquet.

We understand that finding the right coffee variant is hard. That’s why we’ve created our unique Taste Navigation system that helps you select your favourite coffee based on complexity and intensity.


UTZ Certified

UTZ is our partner working together towards furthering sustainability. It  is one of the world’s largest sustainability programmes for coffee, cocoa and tea. This program ensures that our coffee is grown on farms that respect the environment, provide adequate housing and healthcare, schools and training to workers, and that respect labour rights of farmers.

Recyclable Packaging

We strive to continually decrease our energy consumption. We are proud to say that SENSEO® coffee pads are one of  the most environmentally friendly within the single serve coffee system category and our appliances use recycled plastics to lessen our environmental footprint and remain loyal to our social-responsibility values.


Almost all SENSEO® coffee pad machines feature an automatic shut-off time. This makes our products safer and decreases unnecessary energy consumption.

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